The much awaited Lokpal Bill was finally tabled in the Rajya Sabha but as expected it failed to yield any results. The ill-fated bill was referred to a 15 member select committee of the Rajya Sabha dominated by the opposition parties. By doing so the government has thrown the ball in the opposition’s court. The Lokpal Bill has certainly moved a step forward but to assume that it will be passed in the monsoon session of the Parliament would be erroneous. Even if it happens so, it would be interesting to see whether the government gives its nod to the amended bill. Changes in the Lokpal Bill are bound to happen after which it will be tabled in the Lok Sabha. So the Lokpal Bill still has a long way to go. The select committee has been asked to submit its report in the last week of the monsoon session which indicates that it will meet with the same fate as the present session.

Tabling the Lokpal Bill in the Rajya Sabha on the last day of the Budget Session was not justified. Why wasn’t it tabled in the beginning of the Budget Session still remains a big puzzle. Probably these are the reasons that indicate towards lack of political will for a strong Lokpal. The Lokpal Bill has been hanging in the lurch for the last four decades for which the previous governments are also to be blamed. It is an irony that the Lokpal bill for decades has been struggling to become a reality but the government still insists on being patient. Both the Opposition and the government must realize that further delays will not help the cause of a strong Lokpal. This will send out a message among the people that political parties are not serious in fighting corruption. For now the people have understood that the government’s words of fixing corruption are far from reality.