Mumbai: Vipul Shah's film 'Force' seems to be jinxed. The mishap sets him back by a crore.The team of John Abraham starrer Force seems to be going through some serious goof-ups in the process of establishing the film as an action-thriller.

We recently reported on how John escaped a serious injury on sets by a whisker, and now we hear that a chase sequence in the film went terribly wrong. But there's more.

Apparently, last month the crew was shooting at a mall in Mulund late evening for a day sequence and hence had installed many floodlights in different areas.

Strangely, the heat emitted by the lights was so strong that the fire alarms in the mall went off, even without a real fire.

Adds a source, "It was quite surprising because the alarms kept buzzing, but there was no fire. We later realised that it was the lights, but it was too late by then."

The alarms not only created panic among the guards and other workers at the mall, but in a matter of minutes the automatic sprinklers started spraying water all around. This caused further damage.

Confirms producer Vipul Shah, "It was an absurd human error.We didn't realise that the temperature of the lights would get so high because of the ceiling they had. We use these lights in studios all the time and nothing really goes wrong. But that day, it was quite unfortunate."

The producers had to shell out over one crore to undo the damage.

Adds the source, "The action budget of the film itself of 3.5 crore, so this was definitely an added unnecessary expense for the producers."

Well, we hope the audiences don't need to be forced to go watch this movie after all that effort. John Abraham shoots at a mall for his film Force.