New Delhi: A second note dated March 25 has emerged after a month of the first note of the Finance Ministry which had sent tremors in the government corridors over the 2G spectrum allocation scam. The note has now been questioned by the Joint Parliamentary Committee raising fresh troubles for the ruling coalition.

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The new note related to the 2G spectrum allocation has been written by the Additional Secretary B Julka on March 23 and has been duly signed by Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee along with an inter departmental clearance.

However, the Finance Ministry note dated March 25 on 2G issue that surfaced about a month ago has been played down by the government. But DEA Secretary R Gopalan is required to  answer a series of questions in this regard.

The earlier note to the Prime Minister's Office from the Finance Ministry had stated that the airwaves could have been auctioned in 2008 if Chidambaram, who was then the Finance Minister, had 'stuck to his stand'.

In that note, the Finance Ministry said Chidambaram could have prevented spectrum from being given away at throwaway prices by insisting on its auction - implying that presumptive losses worth thousands of crores of rupees could have thus been avoided.

BJP creates ruckus in JPC

BJP on Monday sought to create ruckus in the Joint Parliamentary Committee probing the 2G scam that a Finance Ministry note seen by Minister Pranab Mukherjee has been tampered with.

At the meeting, the BJP members said the note of March 23, two days prior to the controversial 2G note that sought to implicate then Finance Minister P Chidambaram, was changed.

The word "perusal" has been substituted for the word "approval" in the note put up by Additional Secretary in the Finance Ministry, the members claimed.

The note said that based on the discussions and "deeper and detailed examination of the facts    of the case, a chronology of the facts has been prepared "which is culled out of details of the relevant notes and letters exchanged from time to time.

The March 23 note says "some of the interpretations now put forth on detailed analysis of records/correspondences are at variance with the replies sent to PAC and CAG earlier."

The official says the note may be put up to the Finance Minister for his perusal before it is shared with the Cabinet Secretariat and the Prime Minister's Office.

Referring to the draft performance Audit report on the issue of licences and allocation of 2G spectrum by the DoT, the note says the Finance Ministry had forwarded its comments on "each of the issues" raised in the draft report to DG (Audit).

"These two replies were sent without the perusal by Finance Minister," it adds.

But in January, 2011, while sending copies of these replies to the Principal Secretary to the Prime Minister and the Cabinet Secretariat, the Finance Minister was informed.

"We had also submitted extracts of the relevant files as required by the PAC vide letter dated February 17, 2011 to PAC Branch of Lok Sabha Secretariat with copy to Cabinet
Secretariat with the approval of the Finance Minister..." the note says.