Bhopal: In what could be termed a real shame for the Madhya Pradesh government, two girls of the state-run school were asked to shed their clothes by the teachers while searching for cheats during examination.

Two class 10th girl students were asked by the female teachers to strip their clothes during check up in the examination hall in Narsimhapur district of Madhya Pradesh.

“The teachers, suspecting that the girls were engaged in using unfair means during the examination hours, asked them to strip their clothes in search of cheats,” said sources.

The unreliable sources, however, further claimed that male students were also present in the examination hall when the shocking incident took place.

An FIR has been lodged against the accused teachers.

Last month a similar incident of harassment of girl student by a primary teacher came into light in Betul district. The accused teacher was arrested for making the girl dance in a locked classroom. In another incident, a primary school teacher was suspended after the parents of the harassed students complained that the teacher was stripping the girls and even tried to touch them in class.

At a time when the Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chauhan is making big claims of working for the empowerment of women and saving girl child, such a humiliating act has come to light at a place where the future of the nation is groomed.

JPN\ Bureau