Twice in less than three years, terror again wreaked bloodbath in the financial capital of India. Serial bomb blasts on Tuesday rocked Mumbai which has spelt out a message to the world that the Indian government is unable to check the audacity of the terrorists. Mumbai has witnessed more than a dozen terror attacks in the last two decades. Now, the people of the country will not repose faith in the government’s statements that terrorists will be bridled or punished, because all assurances in this context were never given a shape. It is a profound irony that the government is reluctant to punish even those terrorists who have been convicted. It reflects that the government is not much keen to provide protection to people and it believes that the government will be run by hook or crook. The government finds itself helpless regarding tackling the terrorism. The intelligence agencies did not get to the bottom of Varanasi bomb blasts and Pune terror attack. It is greatly disappointing that the people holding high posts are saying that it is difficult to stop terror attacks.

The government seems to be at a loss for words regarding the blasts in Mumbai. The Centre has said that the intelligence agencies did not have any inkling about the blasts but it is not their failure. Despite the loopholes in the security arrangement in Mumbai, the ministers and mandarins have started giving the same hackneyed expression that Mumbaikers are brave and have bounced back to life. But such sorts of statements will not heal the wounds of the bereaved family. Had the defeat of the terrorism been top priority of the government, the intelligence agencies would not have been clueless even after 24 hours of the blasts. The Indian government seems to be unable to handle internal and external security threats. Whoever be responsible for the bomb blasts in Mumbai, but there is a strong probability of Pakistan’s role in the incident. If it is proved there would be a least chance that the Indian government will succeed in bringing the culprits to book, because despite proof of the ISI’s hand in the 26/11 terror attack, India could not do much. The murky foreign policy of India in the light of Pakistan will end up nowhere.