Jaipur: As the country is witnessing an unprecedented movement against corruption led by Anna Hazare, the state of affairs in agencies meant to check corruption in Rajasthan is worrisome.

Such agencies also include the office of Lokayukta in the state. The case records speak volumes about the ineffectiveness of such bodies.

After scanning the case history, on several instances when complaints against government servants were rendered useless as the accused which included senior government officials and politicians got an easy escape.

Though, some junior level officers were booked for malpractices on some occasions.

Last year, the State Government tabled a Lokayukta report in the Assembly in connection with a case that occurred 17 years ago. Most of the officials accused in the 17-year-old case either escaped easily due to their political influence or retired from their duties.

According to the sources, many cases against former Ministers like Govind Singh Gujjar, Gyan Singh Choudhary and Shashi Dutta were registered, but were closed subsequently.

The expense pattern in the office of Lokayukta itself has been dubious. The annual expenditure of the office has increased from Rs 12.04 lakh to Rs 1.84 crore over the last 20 years. It was only Rs 50.37 lakh ten years ago.

Most of the money is spent on salaries of the Lokayukta, senior officers and staff members.