Tripoli/Moscow (Agencies): At least 35 people were killed and several wounded in anti-government protests in Libya's northeastern city of Al-Baida and eastern city of Benghazi, media reports said.

Inspired by popular and successful revolts in Egypt and Tunisia, the protesters had called for a "Day of Rage" on Thursday in a bid to challenge the 41-year rule of Muammar Gaddafi, who has been accused of human rights violations.

Al-Arabiya news agency reported that security forces and militia of the Revolutionary Committees opened fire on the peaceful, mostly young demonstrators in the city of Al-Baida, claiming lives of at least six people.

However, Human Rights Solidarity, a Geneva-based human rights group, put the toll at 13. Witnesses in Al-Baida reported that several snipers opened fire from the tops of buildings, killing at least 13 people, it said.

Six demonstrators were shot dead by security forces in Benghazi, on the northern Mediterranean coast, DPA reported.

At least 38 people were wounded in Benghazi when police clashed with hundreds of demonstrators late on Tuesday.

Opposition news website Libya Al-Youm also reported that large anti-government demonstrations were going on in the north coast city of Darnah on Thursday.

Gaddafi, who came to regime on the back of a 1969 coup, is the longest-serving leader in both Africa and the Arab world.

The spark for the protest was said to be the detention of human rights lawyer Fathi Terbil by the Libyan security forces. Terbil was reportedly later set free.

Local media reports said pro-Gaddafi demonstrations were held on Wednesday in many cities across the country following the Benghazi protest.