Ahmedabad: Attacking Congress, Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi alleged that anti-Gujarat elements continued to hinder the state's progress despite being taught a befitting lesson by the people in the elections.

"Those who are mindlessly criticizing Gujarat day and night will continue to do so. Instead of joining the journey of the state's development, they continue to spread lies," Modi said while addressing farmers at the launch of 9th Krishi Mahotsav 2013 in Radhanpur.

"The people of Gujarat know such people very well and have answered them on many occasions through the ballot," Modi added.

He stressed on the need to embrace drip irrigation in Gujarat and said that from 1960-2000, only 12,000 hectares of land was under drip irrigation whereas today, over 9 lakh hectares in Gujarat is drip irrigated. "By embracing drip irrigation, farmers not only saved water but also saved future generations. By embracing drip irrigation, farmers have not only sown seeds of their crop but also the seeds of Gujarat's future," he said.

"Land will not increase but the number of people will. The solution to this is to maximize production and this can be done through scientific methods," he said. He claimed his government has taken big steps in the field of animal husbandry as well.


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