New Delhi: According to the new regulation under Cigarettes and other Tobacco Products Amendment Rules- 2011, it has become mandatory for tobacco traders, retailers, vendors to display the pictorial warning on all the tobacco related products at their stores.

The Health Ministry has framed these rules on August 11 after releasing Gazette Notification No- GSR 619 (E). The public notification will be released this week through the media.

The new rule states that all vendors who sell tobacco products must ensure to display board depicting pictorial warning, measuring 60x30 cm, at the entrance of the stores.

The board will display pictorial warning covering the half space with the text below the picture in two languages – Hindi and English-- stating - “tobacco kills”.  In the remaining part, the information to stop the sale of tobacco products to those under 18 years will be displayed.

A fine amounting Rs 200 will be imposed on breaching the rule. According to new rules, any tobacco product cannot be sold even through the automatic vending machines.