Khanty Mansiysk (Russia): Former world champion Antoaneta Stefanova of Bulgaria struck back and levelled the score against Anna Ushenina of Ukraine in the fourth game of the World women's chess championship.
 The comeback victory by the Bulgarian not only ensured that she would remain in the match but would also force a tiebreaker of games of shorter duration in which Stefanova starts as a favourite once again.
Sharing a victory each, the two contestants ended the regular four-game match with a 2-2 score.
Sitting pretty with a full point lead and needing just a draw to be crowned the world women’s champion, Ushenina simply could not withstand the pressure and crumbled in the crunch game in no time from a healthy position out of the opening.
Showing steely nerves, Stefanova is now back on even keel in the play-off games in which firstly two rapid games will be played with 25 minutes to both players
With a ten seconds increment after every move is played and if still tied two ten-minute games will be played with an additional increment of 10 seconds after every move.
The players will play two five-minutes games should the deadlock persist and then an Armageddon game will be played with five minutes for white and four for black and white must win.


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