New Delhi (JPN/Bureau): Antrix Corporation is an extraordinary public sector company which gifted gold coins worth Rs 7.36 crore among its administrative departments and allied agencies. It spent 7 per cent of its share on distributing gifts and extended benefits to more than 15000 officials.

The Antrix Corporation, mired into S-band controversy, and Space Department have been functioning in such an ambiguous way that it may probably have several layers of hidden scams. For the past several years, the government has been hiding many murky activities of the Space Department.

According to sources, the Comptroller and Auditor General (CAG) and several other agencies have caught several irregularities of the Space Department and its commercial wing Antrix Corporation in the past three years, but have failed to take any action as it directly comes under the Prime Minister’s Office. Although the matter related to Devas is of year 2005, the distribution of gold coins took place is only three years back.

The information of Antrix Corporations’ generosity had then reached the government but the Space department was unaffected.

The Central Vigilance Commission has already put a check on distribution of gifts to employees.

The Antrix Corporation, which is being termed as an independent commercial company by the Space department, had in 2007 on its fifteenth anniversary not only gifted gold to Space department but had also extended this benefit to the employees of ISRO, Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre, National Remote Sensing Agency, ISRO Satellite Tracking Centre, Master Control Facility.

The company had then earned the profit of Rs 56 crore, of which Rs sever crore was spent on gifts.

The matter had come before CAG, and the company in its response has stated that it wanted to extend thanks to the employees of Space Department and ISRO. Dismissing this response, the CAG had made an adverse remark on these gifts.

It may be noted here that Devas Multimedia, which is involved in the S-band scam, is the company owned by the former Scientific Secretary of ISRO MG Chandrashekhar.

Besides, the matter related to gifting of gold coins was against the norms of ISRO, as the officials working here have been given cash incentives on successful launch of every satellite.

Antrix Corporation, which was formed as the commercial wing of ISRO in 1992, works for encouraging commercial use of satellite, besides trading in TV transmission and giving telecom tranponders on lease. It is also responsible for data collection, assimilation and distribution of remote sensing satellite.