Filmmaker Anubhav Sinha looks all charged up for his first upcoming film as a producer 'Gulaab Gang' as he plans different marketing and promotion strategies.

The first such initiative is called 'Believe', a campaign that celebrates triumphs of women of India and their stories. This initiative was launched by Sinha along with Madhuri and Juhi, the leading ladies of his upcoming film.

"We decided to shoot few documentaries, which will be of six to seven minutes in length. In these short films, we will feature women, who had gone against the odds and have done something which brought a change in their lives. In India, we have so many women, who have so many stories to tell," Sinha said.

While making 'Gulaab Gang', Sinha thought about this initiative as the film is on women.

"We have so many women who have stood for a cause for themselves and made a different story. Unless and until you push yourself, you don't realise what you can actually do," Juhi said.