"Consequent to the bifurcation of the state, there is an absolute need to establish a new capital for Andhra Pradesh and develop the capital region in a planned manner to ensure comprehensive development of the area.

It is decided to establish the AP Capital Region Development Authority for the capital region by undertaking a specific legislation for giving statutory back-up," Municipal Administration and Urban Development Minister P Narayana said while introducing the Bill.

The state Chief Minister would be Chairman of the Authority while the Municipal Administration and Urban Development Minister would be the vice-chairman.

Eight bureaucrats, including the state Chief Secretary would be members of the Authority while four national and international experts, who possess knowledge in urban governance, planning, conservation, environment and transportation would be appointed by the government as members.

The government has proposed creation of Capital Region Development Fund with a seed capital of Rs 1000 crore for providing working capital to the Authority and administering the Act.

The legislation also provided for creation of a Rs 250 crore revolving fund for undertaking development of amenities and infrastructure facilities in the capital area.

The legislation seeks to declare the Capital Area for the state of Andhra Pradesh, ensure planning, coordination, execution, financing, promoting and securing planned development of the capital region, provide, manage and supervise urban services in the new capital area and improve quality of life of citizens residing in it, the minister said, explaining the salient features of the legislation.

A perspective plan for 100 years, a concept master plan for 20 years and a detailed master plan for 10 years would be prepared for the capital region.

Preparing and implementing land pooling scheme, town planning scheme, special area development scheme within the jurisdiction of the Authority would be part of the legislation, Narayana added.

The Authority would be a "body corporate" with power to acquire, hold and dispose of movable and immovable property.

The Authority, the minister said, would regulate development activities in accordance with the development plans and regulations to bring aesthetics, efficiency and economy in the process of development.

The legislation enables the Authority to raise loans from the government or mobilize resources through issue of debentures or bonds.

Under the legislation, the AP Capital Region Unified Transport Authority, too, would be constituted with Chief Secretary as Chairman to ensure effective implementation and coordination of various traffic and transportation measures in the capital region.

The Transport Authority would ensure effective public transport systems were put in place for the capital region, the minister elaborated.

The Bill is expected to be taken up for discussion in the Assembly on Monday.

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