"You are getting prejudiced. You can't dictate the agenda (of the House), you can only take part in the discussion," the Speaker told the Opposition leader even as the ruling party members suggested that Jagan first learn the rules and procedures of the Assembly.

The YSRC leader raised the issue of capital after Question Hour and wanted to know when a discussion would be taken up.

"There are reports that the Chief Minister set an auspicious 'muhurtam' for making a statement (in the House) on the new capital. How can he make a statement without a discussion ? What is the use of a discussion in the event," he questioned.

How could the government unilaterally decide where the capital should be located without discussing the Sivaramakrishnan Committee report, Jagan asked.

Intervening, Sports Minister K Atchannaidu said the Chief Minister would make a statement on the issue in the Assembly on Thursday and also table the committee report in the House.

"The Cabinet has taken a decision on the location of the new capital. But we have not made any announcement so far with due respects to the Assembly as the session is on. You can't base your arguments on newspaper reports," Atchannaidu said.

Jagan recalled that in July 1953, the then Assembly discussed for five days the capital issue when the erstwhile Andhra state was carved out. Voting was also conducted to determine the capital's location.

"We want a discussion and voting on the capital now as well. If that doesn't happen, what for is the Assembly," the Opposition leader wondered.

The Speaker said there were two methods: the government's statement followed by a discussion or vice-versa. "It is the prerogative of the government," the Speaker asserted adding the Leader of Opposition could not "dictate the agenda".

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