New Delhi: United States based National Space Society’s (NSS) has conferred Wrenher von Braun Memorial Award upon former president APJ Abdul Kalam in San Diego on Friday.

The award was conferred upon Kalam at International Space Development Conference. It was instituted by NSS, a non-profit organization and is dedicated to the creation of spacefaring civilization.

The honour is given to recognize excellence in management and leadership in a space-related project, where the project holds significance. It is usually a successful one and the manager commands loyalty of a strong team created by him.

At the conference, Kalam spoke about space-based solar power, which is attracting attention, as a potential major global energy and electricity source.

He also suggested the constitution of World Space Knowledge platform with a virtual laboratory for space industrialization by US and India in collaboration with other spacefaring nations.

Kalam said the virtual laboratory for space solar power can bring a possible, workable and optimum solution particularly for transfer of such energy to terrestrial stations.


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