New Delhi: Adding another feather to its cap, the Apollo Group of hospitals has made a mark of being one of the busiest hospitals all across the globe in conducting major transplantation surgeries of delicate human organs like heart, liver and kidney. In 2011, the hospital has done 929 transplantation surgeries.

Pratap C Reddy, President of Apollo Group informed the hospital has made immense progress in such kind of crucial surgeries in last 13 years. “After conducting 929 transplantations the Apollo Group has become one of the most active hospitals. Despite heavy inflow of such cases, the hospital has maintained success rate of 95 percent,” said Reddy.

More so, the hospital authority assured that they will take initiatives in providing monetary assistance to the poor patients coming for operation. “The hospital is trying to establish contact with the banks and financial organisation to prevent untimely deaths of patients.”
Expressing concern over poor participation of masses in donation of organs, Reddy said, “People are still not aware of organ donation. There are misconceptions about ‘brain dead’. Every year more than 20,000 liver translations are required. However, due to lack of awareness regarding organ donation only 800 transplants  are being conducted.”