Kolkata: West Bengal Chief Minister Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee appeared to be apologetic in public rallies for not failure of his governance in the state but for the illegal intrusion of Marxist cadres into people’s life.

The excessive interference of the party cadres in social and personal lives of the villagers has disenchanted people. Often, the Marxist cadres tried to sort out petty disputes in the village but in turn they further messed it up. The villagers soon realized it and tried hard on their part to avoid the intrusion of party cadres in their day-to-day life.

In order to refurbish the party’s image and to get political mileage, Buddhadeb has publically apologised and asked for another chance to rectify the mistakes.

However, the CM’s move has raised eyebrows of his own party members as the cadres feel that this gesture might even risk his 34-year political career. Buddhadeb said that there are few elements in the party who interfere in the personal lives of the villagers which is not acceptable, and added that he the party workers will go to every doorstep and apologise.

A few politburo members have also questioned Buddha’s move, saying that he (Buddhadeb) will be unable to connect with people for long. Another former MP of CPI (M) has said that cadres who are responsible for all this wrong things would soon be shown the exit from the party.

(JPN/ Agencies)