It’s very likely that Pakistan would end up having an upper hand in its ongoing tussle with America. The latest statement of National Security Advisor of America is testimony to that fact that history will repeat itself. The NSA gave clean chit to the state actors in Pakistan including the government, Army and its intelligence agency ISI for their role in harbouring Osama on their soil. After this, NSA’s statement that probe into the long stay of Osama bin Laden in Pakistan would continue to be a mere eyewash. In this pretext, one can very clearly determine the future strategy of America over Pakistan. The way Pakistan has been taking on the Americans and mounting pressure on them, despite having been exposed and embarrassed over the Osama issue, it’s visibly clear that neither Pakistan would change its policies nor America be in a position to exert pressure on its long time ally. The fact that the Pakistani establishment retaliated by disclosing the identity of the CIA agent being active in Islamabad when they were asked by the Americans to share the list of ISI officials in proximity with Osama, manifests the obdurate behaviour of Pakistan. The inflexible stand of Pakistan is enough proof of its ability to get into hard bargaining with the Americans. The development might have irked the Americans, but it’s unlikely that they would take a tough stand on Pakistan.

At a time when the Obama administration is leaving no stone unturned to cement Pakistan’s place as an American ally, it hardly makes sense that several American senators are demanding the government to stop the financial aid to Pakistan. The Obama administration has also started giving signals that it should not stoke questions which are raised over Pakistan’s role in shielding Osama. Under such circumstances, it would be wrong to expect Pakistan would abort its policy of supporting terrorism. It’s worthless to probe and judge the role of ISI in supporting terrorism as there has been no dearth of proof in the past which proved its nexus with terrorists. If those evidences are not good enough for America then it’s pretty clear that America is deliberately turning its face away from the reality.  The state of affairs should be of grave concern for India because the latest revelations expose that America was well aware of the nefarious designs of groups like Jaish, LeT and al-Qaida who were trying to target India and ISI as a part of it. At a time when it is obviously clear that America will pressurize Pakistan only to the extent that it serves its own interest, India is left with no other option than to revamp its entire policy vis-à-vis Pakistan.