In August Apple launched a replacement program to address issues some people were having with their iPhone 5’s battery life.

At the time the company said the problems affected a “very small percentage” of handsets sold between September 2012 and January 2013 and that those affected had until March 2015 to get the problem corrected at an Apple Store or by an authorised service provider.

However, the company has now extended the program’s life by a further 10 months.

The extension doesn’t mean that you can trade in an old handset for a new one because your current model is looking a bit tired. You’ll need to visit the support page and enter your handset’s serial number to see if it qualifies for a new battery as part of the program.

Apple also warns that if the handset’s screen is cracked or broken, replacing the battery may not be possible and recommends getting damaged iPhones repaired beforehand.

Earlier, reports stated that Apple Inc will discontinue the iPhone 5C this year.

However, no specific reason was given for the halt in production. But it is believed that Apple is planning to eventually phase out older products after it ushers in new models.

Sales of the 5C failed to meet expectations, at least initially, as more customers seemed to gravitate to the 5S.