This is believed to encourage hassle free cable subscriptions that customers usually face, though the service that will be provided by Apple will have different content to that which is offered by regular TV providers.

The content will be combined with Apple’s own user interface. Sources have revealed that Apple will take ample of time to develop the service that will actually host the content. Variegated versions of the service have reportedly been shown to potential programming partners.

Apple in past has repeatedly tried to make negotiations but has failed to reach deals with content providers due their reluctance to change their status quo. But Apple can model a service after recent moves by Dish and Sony to work with programmers to deliver live TV shows along with on-demand videos over the web that just cable companies sell.

Apple has continuously hinted on that it's working on a more complete service that will offer over-the-top video streaming. However, there have been no prominent signs such a product will come anytime soon, which has been attributed largely to difficulties that delay securing content deals at reasonable rates.

Apple has made several attempts at finding a key to the television market, including marketing an Apple TV box for routing content from the Internet to home screens. Apple would not comment for this report.