Here's what we can expect from the launch:

1. iPhone 5S with fingerprint scanner

Leaked images of the iPhone 5S package show the silver ring sitting around the circumference of the Home button purported to be a fingerprint scanner.

The newly leaked images of the new iPhone depict a silver ‘ring’ around the iPhone’s black home button. It has been long rumoured that the new iPhone would have a thumbprint scanner. Photos of the smartphone swith fingerprint technology were leaked by Chinese tech site

2. A bargain-basement iPhone 5C

Apple is also expected to release a low cost iPhone. Apple plans to dress up the 5C model in a range of five or six colours to differentiate it from the more expensive model that has traditionally come only in black and white, according to the sources.

3. A gold iPhone


Apple phones are known for their standard black and white colours. Analysts say that the company is reportedly adding a new colour to its mix and soon customers will be able to choose between black, white and gold iPhone 5S models.

4. New iPad Mini


A series of component leaks have already offered a look at alleged design changes for Apple's next iPads. But a new leak, courtesy of prolific Apple parts detective Sonny Dickson, has given us the best look so far at what the new iPad and iPad mini might look like when the pieces are put together.
The new iPad will reportedly be slightly narrower than previous models, by roughly two-thirds of an inch. The current iPad mini is 18.5cm wide, whereas the new model is said to be just 17cm wide.

5. Apple TV software upgrade


Apple TV is the name given to its set top box that allows customers to watch films, TV shows and a host of other media available in its iTunes store on their TV. Analysts are expecting Apple to release it this Wednesday.

6.  iOS7

Apple is set to unveil its new operating system for its iPhones and iPads. ios7 is expected to shock people as it is completely different to what users are used to with iOS 6.

7.  iTunes Radio

There have been rumours that Apple will be launching a music streaming service to rival Spotify, Radio and others. Hopefully the tech giant will unveil a new service at the upcoming event.

8. Apple smartwatch

Apple is expected to launch its first smartwatch on this event. Samsung got out in front of Apple, releasing its own Samsung Gear smartwatch at the IFC technology conference in Berlin last week. It really is about time Apple entered the fray.