Buyback have already proved to be helpful for Apple products in the past. Such deals were introduced in April last year on the iPhone and again in September on the newer versions of the gadget. The iPad has also been the recipient of more attention from buyers due to the programmes. And now it is the laptop’s turn.

According to a leading daily, Apple is offering a discount of up to Rs. 40,000. If you own a Mac laptop, you can get it exchanged from old Mac laptop that is less than two years old. The company will offer up to Rs 30,000 for turning in Apple portables that are between two and three years old, while the discount on offer for exchanging Mac laptops that are between three and four years old is Rs 25,000.

The advertisement notes that the final offer value is at the sole discretion of the reseller, a standard practice with these buyback schemes. Apple adds that this is "limited period" offer, but does not mention a last date.

It should be noted that upgrade to Mac is only applicable on the MacBook. The Mac Mini, iMac and Mac Pro are not eligible for it. You can head to the Apple stores or visit one of the authorized retailers to make the most of the scheme. Make sure the MacBook you wish to exchange is in perfect working condition.