According to a Wall Street Journal report, the iPhone maker is now focussed on creating an online TV service and redesigning the Apple TV box. Earlier, it was reported that Apple's plans of unveiling the online TV service in June and launching it in September.

The company has long been expected to enter the consumer television market with a more wide-ranging product than its current Apple TV box that allows users to stream programs from iTunes and other sources.

Apple was reportedly in talks with few television programmers to launch its own web-based television service. According to the report released by Recode, Apple was planing to launch a TV service that will sell bundles of programming to its viewers over web.

Apple in past has repeatedly tried to make negotiations but has failed to reach deals with content providers due their reluctance to change their status quo.  

Apple has made several attempts at finding a key to the television market, including marketing an Apple TV box for routing content from the Internet to home screens.