London: Software manufacturer Apple is testing motion control feature of 'head movements' which will allow users to control their iPhones.

The feature has been discovered in Apple's latest mobile operating system, ios 7 and will be available for public update in the fall. It is an option in the accessibility menu that overrides the usual touchscreen controls.

According to the reports, the feature works by using front facing iPhone or iPad camera to detect head movements. When the feature is selected the system automatically runs through every option on the device screen until the user selects the one by turning the head to one side.

The left or right head movements can be assigned to varied tasks which also include returning back to the home screen or displaying notifications or activating the voice assistant Siri.

With all the other major companies coming up with gesture controlled devices this feature is expected to be potentially useful for people with limited mobility or other disabilities that make touch or voice interfaces difficult to use.

The Microsoft Kinect and a soon to be released device from Leap Motion use powerful depth sensor cameras. The Kinect can detect a person's skeleton, face and even expressions while The Leap detects gestures such as finger movements.

Motion control options have been used by many major mobile manufacturers like Samsung which has incorporated eye scrolling and hand waive gesture to control the Galaxy S4.


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