Farmer Hariman Sharma has been able to grow apples that can flourish at 42 degree Celsius without any requirement of snowfall.

In a recently held National Science Congress in Jammu and Kashmir, the National Innovation Foundation (NIF) Ahmadabad has announced to make this variety of Hariman apples available across the country.

Hariman said that he discussed and explained the merits of this variety of apple at the conference. He explained how he succeeded in growing the apples in a hot climate area like Bilaspur.

Impressed by Hariman’s efforts, the NIF scientists have decided to work on producing these apples in various tropical regions across the country. The foundation has selected 17 states for this project.

Around 10,000 plants will be sent to these states in the initial stage. The scientists will give special attention to the Hariman apple production for the next few years. The Foundation is quite hopeful of the growth of apples in these states.

Hariman said that he planted the first apple sapling in the year 1999. The seed was taken from the same apple that was bought from market to eat. Indian Institute of Agricultural Research Shimla has also approved it, he informed.


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