According to the Apple's website, Apple Music will match and upload any song its users own so that they can access them anywhere just like iTunes Match. So, if there is any song or album which they want to listen to and it is not included in the Apple Music catalog then they can just buy it from any source, upload it and then listen to it in the same app, no matter which device they use.

The iTunes Match costs USD 24.99 per year to the users.  Earlier, Apple Inc had approached more than a dozen musicians, including British band Florence and the Machine, in an effort to sign exclusive deals for some of their music to be streamed on Beats.

Apple Inc also bowed to pressure from pop superstar Taylor Swift and raised payments to artists for its forthcoming music streaming service. The about-face by one of the world's most powerful companies showed the extraordinary influence of the 25-year-old Swift, who had vowed a partial boycott of the new Apple Music service.

The company said it would pay more than 70 percent revenue from music subscriptions to music owners. In the United States, Apple will pay music owners 71.5 percent revenue from its $9.99 per month music streaming service, Apple said. The number will average around 73 percent overseas.