New Delhi: Apple on Tuesday unveiled its latest and most powerful version of digital audio workstation and MIDI sequencer, Logic Pro X. The digital audio workstation features a new streamline interface design, creative tools and expanded collection of instruments and effects such as drummer, flex pitch, track stacks, smart controls and an improved mixer.

The flex pitch feature helps users fix out-of-tune vocals and change melodies of recorded audios by manipulating individual notes within an audio wavelength. The drummer on the other hand provides a vital session player that automatically plays along with the song you play in a variety of drumming styles and techniques.

The software also features a new sound library with an updated loop collection and over 1,500 instrument and effect patches that make use of track stacks, smart controls and other new plug-ins.
An accompanying Logic Remote app allows the user to record, mix and even perform instruments from anywhere in the room using their iPad as a keyboard, drum pad, guitar etc.

Logic Pro X is available on the Mac App store for USD 199.99, whereas Logic Remote is available as free download from the App store.


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