Shops included The Corner in Berlin, Colette in Paris, Maxfield in Los Angeles and Dover Street Market in Tokyo and London. Apple courted the outlets to promote the watch as a fashion item rather than just another techie gizmo.
The watch has been on display in Apple stores since April 10, when it became available for preorder. Customers began receiving the smartwatch on Friday, though there were delays to June or later as Chief Executive Officer Tim Cook's first product has drawn more demand than expected.
Paired with an iPhone, the watch allows users to check email, listen to music and make phone calls. It also tracks a person's health, for instance by monitoring heartbeats or tracking calories burned during a workout.
A small group of Japanese tech addicts lined up in Tokyo to become the first to buy the watch, with about 50 people at electronic store Bic Camera in Tokyo's Ginza district while another 20 were at a shop of mobile carrier SoftBank Corp.

"I buy one or two Apple products every time they release something new," Chiu Long, a 40-year-old IT worker from Taiwan, said, waiting at Bic. "I like to run, so the heart rate reader is progress."
In Berlin more than 100 people stood in line at designer boutique The Corner on Friday morning. First to walk out with an Apple Watch Sport was Alex Anikin from Russia, who waited overnight in line outside the store. "We came first at 11 yesterday, so (we have been waiting) 22 hours approximately," he said.
At New York's Fifth Avenue Apple store, dozens of customers crowded around watch displays and demos, even though they could not purchase the watch there. FBR Capital Markets senior analyst Daniel Ives polled customers at the store and said about 15 percent were there to either try or better understand the watch, which he called a "good early sign."
Several customers said they planned to buy the watch online after trying it, while others had already preordered it but had yet to see it in person.
Reviewers say the smartwatch could make life easier for people on the move, but gave it poor marks for battery life and slow-loading apps.
Technology lovers and investors keen to find out the watch's components were frustrated, with a tough resin coating protecting the core computing module from immediate scrutiny.
Gadget repair firm iFixit, which has successfully pried open other Apple products on their launch day, said the U.S. Company also appeared to be promoting the watch's inner workings, complicating a detailed analysis of its origins from underlying parts suppliers.