According to reports, Watch OS 1.0.1 improves performance for Siri and for health and activity tracking. It also includes display support for new emoji characters and new language support for Brazilian Portuguese, Danish, Dutch, Swedish, Russian, Thai and Turkish.

Issues involving accessibility and third-party apps are also addressed. The Apple Watch launched globally in April with a small queue of tech-addicts lining for Apple Inc's first wearable gadget, but there was no sign of the excitement usually attached to the company's product rollouts.

Technology lovers and investors keen to find out the components of the watch were left frustrated, with a tough resin coating protecting the core computing module from scrutiny.
Gadget repair firm iFixit, which has successfully prised open other Apple products on their launch day to reveal their components, said the U.S. company also appeared to be promoting its brand on the watch's inner workings, complicating detailed analysis of the parts' origins.