After selling iPhone 4s and iPhone 5c as low as Rs 12,000 and 20,000 respectively, Apple has finally decided to discontinue the smartphones from the Indian stores.  In a run to boost the Indian markets and attract more users, Apple has been retailing iPhone 4s at an extremely low price of Rs 12,000 and iPhone 5c at Rs 20,000.

The low prices of the phone had definitely created a stir in the market, while wooing many people to buy the phones who couldn't afford the high-priced apple smartphones. However, an increase in the sale was registered, but it was much less when compared to the previous years.

Besides the strategy to boost market has been affecting its Average Selling Price (ASP, the discontinuation of the smartphones is strategically planned to increase the ASP.

With the two smartphones under sub 20,000 category not being the part of the Indian markets anymore, iPhone 5s is the cheapest phone available at a price of Rs 24,000.

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