Shipments of the tablet in China between April and June were down from about 3.04 million in the first quarter of the year to 1.48 million units in the second quarter, with its market share in the country shrinking from 49 percent to 28 percent during the same period, according to statistics from International Data Corp, a global market intelligence firm.
Apple's product is still number one in terms of market share in China's tablet computer sector but rapidly increasing sales numbers from rivals have led to a more challenging market for it, a newspaper reported.
"The market share of Android-based tablets, such as Samsung, is growing rapidly because there is a much bigger user base that is already familiar with the system because of the smartphones they use," the report quoted Dickie Chang, a Hong Kong-based analyst as saying.

Chang said Samsung Group took second place in China's tablet computer market in the second quarter with its share surging to 11 percent from 6 percent a quarter earlier.
China's Lenovo Group Limited was third with shipments of its tablet computers more than doubling from the quarter earlier, taking 8 percent of market share in the same period. However, Chang said with the launch of the new iPad 5 this autumn, predicted by insiders, sales of Apple's tablet are expected to rise.
"I think Apple intentionally reduced the shipment of iPads in the second quarter. They need to protect the interest of those who just bought the iPad 4. Because with the arrival of the new iPad, the price of the older generation will fall dramatically," he said, adding no one wants to spend a lot of money on an iPad but find its price shrinking overnight because a new one has arrived.
The falling sales of the iPad in the second quarter also led to the slow growth of the whole tablet computer market in China.
According to a report released recently by the Beijing-based research firm Analysys International, the total shipment of tablet computers in China in the second quarter increased 5.6 percent from the previous quarter. It was the slowest growth rate since the second quarter of last year.


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