Mumbai: After creating frenzy in European markets, Apple is now all set to launch iPhone 5 on 26th October in India.

According to experts, the price of 16 GB model would be ranging between Rs 46,000 to Rs 48,000. Similarly, the price of 32 GB model would be between Rs 51,000 to Rs 53,000, while you will have to cough up between Rs 58,000 to Rs 61,000 for 64 GB model. The launch is anticipated well by the youths in India.

In fact, people have already started buying the latest iPhone in grey markets of Delhi and Mumbai. People are ready to shell out more than the actual price to grab the latest Smartphone.

However, the latest iPhone was available for sales on few e-commerce websites which included eBay India, Rediff shopping and

Rediff shopping was selling 16 GB model for Rs 54,990, whereas it was available for sales at a price of Rs 59,990 on Along with that, was selling 32 GB model for Rs 73,599 and 64 GB model for Rs 86,699.

On Ebay India, 16 GB model was available for Rs 59,990, 32 GB for Rs 62,990 and 64 GB for Rs 76,990. It was also heard that people have bought it for price of around Rs 1.15 Lakh which is almost equal to the price of Tata Nano!


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