The iPhone 6 and 6 Plus hit stores across Australia this morning and Apple fanatics have been queuing for days for having their hands on the shiny new product.

Australian Jack Cooksey who became the first man in the country to buy the new Apple iPhone 6, got so excited that after coming out of the store he ended up with dropping his enviable purchase while taking it out of the box on live television.

Jack was being interviewed by a 9news channel reporter just outside the Apple store, when he dropped the coveted buy while trying to take it out of the box.

This incident was recorded by the channel and it's video goes viral on you tube. Video shows the phone slipped out of the box and landed on the concrete floor while Jack was trying to open the box.

Photographers who were there to catch first glimpse of the iphone captured the strange moment while Jack got a bunch of stares from other Apple admirers around him.
The drop left Cooksey shocked and embarrassed, but the phone was safe as it is covered in a plastic packing.
Many versions of the 'drop' have started making rounds on video sharing site YouTube and comments are flying fast and thick.

Back at Sydney’s flagship Apple store, the queue stretched many city blocks with entrepreneurial people making money to buy their iPhone by selling hot food to those waiting.

Some of those waiting have come all the way from China because they don’t want to wait until it goes on sale there.

Tech experts had predicted the iPhone 6 would be the big seller but a random poll of the Sydney queue found customers wanted both, with some fearing devices would sell out.