Home sharing is a feature that allows the user to stream music from their desktop Mac to their iPod or iPhone or iPod over their Wi-Fi network. This feature was dropped in iOS 8.4.

The Handoff feature in the app switcher has moved to the bottom of the screen. The users who are already in the Public Beta program, they have to go in their settings and hit the update button.

Apple Inc had unveiled the next update of the iOS iPhone and iPad operating system, which concentrates on optimising iOS to run smoother and faster with lower power consumption, adding an extra hour to the iPhone's battery life. An additional low-power mode will add another three hours of iPhone battery life.

The operating system will take up a 1.3GB of space to install on the device. iOS 8 required more than 4GB, which caused issues for users requiring them to delete apps.

The new search assistant that is an advance on Apple's Spotlight search facility, integrates with Siri to create a Google Now competitor, capable of displaying data from apps and the web, and controlled via text or voice. Siri can now offer directions based on invitations pulled automatically from email and leave reminders for the events.