Hisar: In order to end the prevailing irregularities in the department, the Social Welfare Department of Haryana has revised its rules and regulations for the old age pension.

Come August, and it will be mandatory for applicants of old age pension scheme to furnish their birth certificate. Failing to do so, the applicants will have to certify their age by a panel of three experts from the medical board.

Earlier, due to no certificate, pensioners could submit the birth certificate of their first child. But due to irregularities in the process, the department had to change its policies.

The department earlier had announced that pensioners above 60 years of age can apply and birth certificate of their first child was considered valid. The minimum age of the eldest child was estimated to be not less than 42 years.

Many people took undue advantage of this scheme and due to certain irregularities, the department had to toughen its stand on this issue.

However, the department has provided relief to window pensioners and had terminated the compulsory certification from Tehsildar.

An Old-age Pension survey will also be conducted in October by the department. Earlier, report from one medical expert in presence of department official was accepted.