New Delhi: The Centre has invited applications for the post of Chairman and two members in the Petroleum and Natural Gas Regulatory Board (PNGRB) the downstream oil regulator. 

The Oil Ministry last week issued an advertisement calling for applications to fill the post of chairman when the incumbent, Labanyendu Mansingh, retires on October 11, 201, on attaining the age of 65 years.

In the same advertisement, it called for applications for the post of Member (Technical/Infrastructure) on the board to replace B S Negi when he retires on October 27, 2011.

Applications for the two posts have been invited by June 15. The selection will be done by a Search Committee headed by Planning Commission Member B K Chaturvedi.

Simultaneously, the ministry has also issued an advertisement calling for applications to fill the post of Member (Commercial) of the PNGRB, which has been lying vacant since November 17, 2010.

The last date to submit applications for this post has been kept as May 31, according to the advertisement.

Industry sources said B M Bansal, the then acting Chairman of Indian Oil Corp (IOC), had applied for the job of PNGRB Member (Commercial) and the Search Committee also selected him. But in January, he suddenly declined the offer without citing any reason.

After this, the whole process had to be started again.

Sources said the five-year stint of the Mansingh has been marred by the PNGRB's acrimonious relationship with the Oil Ministry, which for most of his five-year tenure did not notify a crucial section of the Act which gave the Board powers to authorise companies to build gas pipelines and supply retail CNG to automobiles and piped cooking gas to households in cities.

Section 16 of the PNGRB Act was only notified last year.

“The Chairperson and Members would be entitled to a monthly consolidated pay package of Rs 300,000 (without house and car) and Rs 250,000 (without house and car), respectively,” the advertisements said.

Persons of not more than 62 years of age as on January 1, 2012, can apply for the jobs. Besides the chairperson, the PNGRB has four members - Member (Infrastructure), Member (Distribution), Member (Legal) and Member (Commercial).

Sudha Mahalingam is currently the Member (Distribution) and Y P C Dangay is Member (Legal).