Dehradun: Although the committees constituted by the Uttarakhand state government to look into the long pending demands of teachers have submitted their report, no action has been yet initiated in this context. Annoyed over this issue, the various associations of state teachers are contemplating on a mass protest to get their demands accepted.

After the up gradation of junior high schools in the state, teachers had taken to streets and staged protest for a cancellation of the up gradation process. Their list of demands also included to promote 1000 posts of headmasters and 4000 teachers to the LT grade.

Thereafter, the officials and teachers reached on an agreement that a decision on their demands would be taken as per the policies of other states.

Keeping in mind the importance of the issue, the Uttarakhand government constituted three teams comprising of two members each. These three teams visited four different states and collected all the details on issues related to teachers from there. Following which, the committee members prepared their report and handed it over to the state government.

Junior High School Teacher Association (JHSTA) state spokesperson Satish Ghildial said, “The committee had submitted its report to the government long back but no decision has been taken on the issue.” He further stated that miffed teachers were planning to hold a large scale protest against the state government.  
Deputy Director Seema Jaunsari, Manish Batvarl and CEMAT Additional Director Dr Santosh Kumar Sheel and Turat Singh Tomar, Sunil Unial and Manju Pande from Teacher Association were included in the Committee which had visited the four states Himachal Pradesh, Bihar, Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh to gather information in this regard.