Today marks the April Fool's Day and so let's catch up on the photos shared on the internet that befooled you and you believed it.


Woman gave birth to 11 babies

This news was circulated like anything over the internet in seconds, claiming that a woman gave birth to 11 babies. However, the picture is of 11 babies taken birth at a hospital in Surat on 11/11/11.


Whatsapp to become chargeable from tomorrow

You must have received this message in your Whatsapp several times. If not many times but at least once. The message asserted you to forward the message to ten more people and your logo will turn BLUE. If not done, you will be charged for running the instant messaging app.

Hanuman Gada found in Lanka

Another viral internet prank was excavation of Gada of Lord Hanuman from the land of Sri Lanka. The actual story of this picture is-- The 45-foot Gada is being taken to install on a 125-foot high Hanumanji statue in Indore.

Your soft-drink contains HIV

This hoax would definitely have stopped you from drinking your favourite soft-drinks for the next time. But the fact is HIV can not spread through food.

Kurkure contains plastic content

This spoof stayed for a long time over internet and many Indians believed it. However, the reality lies in its edible content that is not harmful. Why Kurkure melts while burning is due to its carbohydrate content.

Jana Gana Mana declared the best anthem by UNESCO

This piece of information went viral within seconds and was shared by the most of Indians as a 'proud moment'. The UNESCO later confirmed that the reports were false.

Picture of India's map on Diwali by NASA

This picture was another most-shared post on the Facebook. It said the picture is taken by NASA on the eve of Diwali night. The NASA later confirmed that the picture was taken between 1992-2003 to study the population growth in India.

Three/Seven headed snake

This was another famous picture shared on internet. Edited by unclaimed person, this picture took left many astonished. Many even started praying their phones or PCs.

Contact lenses melt in heat

The story of a girl getting her contact lenses melted due to heat from the bar-be-que gril in a party created massive frenzy on social media. The melting point of contact lenses is 90°C.

Python swallows a drunk man in Kerala

This photo took social media by storm with a python swallowed a drunk man in Kerala. However, the fact is python has swallowed its prey (may be a deer or a goat).

These pictures made you 'Ullu' and internet ko 'bada maza aaya'.

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