New Delhi: Despite the two parties giving a helping hand on the FDI in retail issue, Congress on Thursday  steered clear of questions that SP and BSP are its reserve force.

"Why you are asking me? You ask the respective political parties," party spokesperson Renuka Chowdhary told reporters.

She was replying to a query whether Congress views SP and BSP as its 'reserve force' given the fact that the two parties have repeatedly bailed out the Congress in tricky situations.

BJP has been alleging that the Congress-led coalition was using CBI to get SP and BSP on board on many issues to which they are in principle opposed.

"Forgive them they do not know what they are saying," was Chowdhary's dismissive response when asked about the Opposition charge that BSP and SP voted for the government due to the fear of CBI.

She also dismissed claims by BJP and other Opposition parties that the vote on FDI in retail showed that Congress was leading a minority government and the majority was in favour of not allowing the FDI.

Chowdhary said that political parties need to "look beyond the limits of political posturings" on the FDI issue.

Asked about the Opposition charge that the government did not get even the 272 figure during the vote in Lok Sabha, which is the majority mark, the Congress spokesperson said that It is the mathematics of politics that they were discussing and that "at the end of the day, the mathematics prevailed".


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