English beats other languages not only in  popularity but also on the scale of chucklesome. Interesting side of the language ravels across the social media but the other side remains unnoticed. Here, 10 English phrases with their literal translation in Hindi will take you to the hysteric and crazy world of English.

1. Let's go on a Date!: Chalo tareek par chalo

2. You're an apple of my eye!: Tum meri aankhon ke saib ho

3. Let's hang out!: Chalo bahar latakte hai

4. Light a fire!: Aag ko roshni kar do

5. Are you out of your mind?: Kya tum dimag se bahar ho

6. What's up?: Upar kya hai

7. You are going to rock man!: Tum pathrav karne vale vo admi

8. Are you nuts?: Kya tum akhrot ho

9. Dude that chick is too hot for you!: Bhai, Vo murgi ka bacha tumhare liye bohot garam hai

10. I'm feeling little off today: Main aaj thoda bandh mehsoos kar raha hoon

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