Mumbai: While scientists may still debate the morality of cloning humans, a Delhi-based gift service has already started cloning humans into bobble-head dolls that take the Indian nod to a new level of fun. Oh, and they also offer a service that names a star after your lover.

Don't lose your head over silly things; it might just end up on a bobble-head doll that nods in agreement to everything said. ‘Exciting Lives’, a Delhi-based gifting company is now in the business of clone dolls, a fun gift option that requires you to simply send in a regular photograph of the person you wish to clone, choose from their range of 'model poses', place an order and expect the doll to sit on the dashboard of your car in three weeks.

Rohit Saxena, CEO, Exciting Lives can make your wildest dreams come true. So, of course with cloning already on the list of services his three year-old company offers, world domination is not too far ahead.

He offers package deals too -- you can drive a Formula One car, fly a fighter jet, go for a float in a hot air balloon or do anything else you dream up. "It's not all that difficult to manage. We work with professionals and keep adding to our list of things that people would like to do. We are also open to ideas that don't figure on the list, and try to make it happen," says Saxena.

The entrepreneur says he grew tired of receiving boring gifts, realising the need for an exclusive gifting service. "We started with a line of experiences like spa treatments, and dates with a limousine pick-up. Slowly, the range grew to included personalised products," says Saxena, who juggles centres in Mumbai,

Bengaluru and United Kingdom from his office in Delhi. Saxena says he caters to Indians mainly, although 30 per cent of his client base includes Non-Resident Indians.

If you have a taste for the bizarre

Exciting Lives can make a jigsaw puzzle that lets you piece together a scene out of your own life, with you as a  character in the epic love story (with a slightly revised narration) of Romeo and Juliet.

Name a Star is the most popular package that's offered in collaboration with a UK-based company. Exciting Lives names a star in the night sky after your loved one. "It's all official. We mail the documents to you in about two weeks, and it only costs just Rs 1,500," says owner, Rohit Saxena.