But did you know, refrigerating can cause foods to change their flavour and even reduce their nutritional quality, or accelerate the spoiling process.

Here are a few points to keep in mind before refrigerating food:

1. Never overcrowd you refrigerator: This will not allow proper flow of cold air to all the sections.

2. Keep vegetables and fruits seperately: Some vegetables continue to ripe even after they are plucked. This ripening will emmit gases which can lead to decay of other fruits or vegetables.

3. Never keep food covered in plastic bags in refrigerator: Plastic bags contain chemical and there are high chances we ingest these chemicals through food.

4. Do not wash fruits and vegetables before refrigerating: Washing fruits and vegetables before refrigeration will hold the moisture in the produce and will lead to quick rotting.

5. Keep all the meat products in store packing: If left exposed or unpacked, it would be exposed to harmful bacteria. Keep a tray to collect any leakage or droppings.

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