Are your armpits really growing darker? Now, gear up yourself and apply some effective remedies to get rid of this problem. Armpits can darken due to perspiration in the underarm area. Your sweat never dries out in the folds of armpit skin and secretes uric acid, which will darken your skin. And if you want to flaunt in spaghetti, tube or tank tops in this blistering summer, it’s very necessary to have a clean and fair underarms. Generally, you ignored this area but it’s also adds extra zing in your personality.

Check your hair removal method:

Regular shaving hair and using hair removal cream darkens your underarms. Due to this you develop a dark patches on your armpit. In fact use good quality deodorant.

Tips that help you to whiten your underarms:

To avoid having dark underarms, wash it religiously so that dirt and oil can’t get accumulated in your armpits. Wash your armpits with luke warm water and soap daily. But you can treat your dark underarms with simple home remedies.

-    Add lime juice, honey in milk powder and make a paste of it. Apply it on your underarms’ skin. Leave it for 15 minutes and now wash it properly. Apply it regularly for getting fair and clean armpits.

-    Mix white vinegar with baking soda and apply it on your underarms’ skin twice in a day. This effective home remedy will give you fair and clean underarms because baking soda is a natural cleanser and vinegar has a stain removing quality.

-    Even you can remove underarms’ darkening by rubbing lemon rinds after your shower.