Dhanbad: Politicking between Jharkhand Vikas Morcha (Prajatantrik) supremo Babulal Marandi and Chief Minister Arjun Munda have hogged the limelight on previous occasions. Reviving the rivalry once again Marandi has alleged Munda of being involved in a string of scams which were nothing less than the 2G Spectrum scam that drew the attention of all and sundry in the country.

Marandi who was protesting at the Randheer Verma Chowk said, “With a motive to spread corruption, the CM has kept the PWD, Road and Power ministries with himself. This is can be understood from the fact that without even passing a tender, the contract of construction of Kandra-Adityapur road has been given to a company.  As a result of which Rs 3,765 crore of people’s hard earned money will go to one company.”

The part of the corruption money would be shared by the Ministers in New Delhi and Munda, he added.

Marandi said, “An equal amount of corruption is prevalent in the Power sector as well. Only on the basis of nomination, the Power Grid Corporation of India had almost bagged a thousand crore contract. It was only after the objection from the Finance Ministry that it was stopped.”

Terming Congress and BJP as two different sides of the same coin, Marandi said that these two parties plan their activities together and hence have remained silent on Madhu Koda issue.

(JPN/ Bureau)