Mumbai: If you can’t go to the gym, build one in the vicinity of your home. That’s exactly what Arjun Rampal has done. Being an actor, it was difficult for him to keep a certain time routine for working out elsewhere due to his shoot schedules. And being a fitness freak, there had to be a solution to it.

Arjun recently set up a state-of-the-art gym in the highrise he resides in Bandra. As there was space on the ground floor, he converted it into a gym where he can go through the paces at any hour of the day or night according to his convenience. What’s more is that he has opened its doors to the other residents of the building as well — seeing fit people around makes him happy.

Says Arjun, “The gym has everything I need, so I don’t need to step out. But sometimes, for a change, I do work out elsewhere too. As there was space in the building premises, I decided to utilise it in the best possible manner.”

This is also the way in which the actor wants to promote fitness and make it a part of daily life. “When I see youngsters and women from the building hitting the gym, it makes me happy. I am really glad to see them around. Fitness has to be part of your life. Like eating food is a necessity, if you want to be healthy you need to work out.”


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