When the organizers learnt about the uncertainty of the actors' landing in Bengaluru, they apparently decided to make a few changes in the catwalk choreography as they could not find their replacement on such a short notice.

A crew member of Tevar says, "Arjun and Sonakshi had decided to take an afternoon flight which was delayed by two hours. Later, they were informed that it would not take off before 7. It was impossible on their part to reach the show on time. Moreover, they had to fly down to Lucknow on Monday. So, they had to cancel their visit and apologized to the organizers for the same."

The actors took to social media to express apology. Arjun wrote, "Hey Bangalore feeling gutted we couldn't come n show u our Tevar...flight issues... (sic)".

While Sonakshi posted, "Was supp to b on the 3:15 flt to Bengaluru, which got pushed to 5:45 and then 7 so we missed our date with u :( but will see u soon B'lore (sic)."

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