Aizawl: Armed insurgents dressed in army camouflage have been sighted in western Mizoram's Mamit district, which shares border with Bangladesh and Tripura, police said on Monday.
Road construction workers saw the insurgents recently near Muathuam after which the sub-divisional police officer of Kawrthah was sent with armed police to the area.
The workers suspected the insurgents to be Nagas and said that while two of the militants were armed with AK-47 assault rifles, the other two were carrying automatic pistols in their hip holsters.
"All four of them carried identical hunting knives," one of the eye-witnesses told police officials.
Around ten armed insurgents, speaking in Bru dialect, crossed the road near this village on the previous day and the matter was reported to the police by the villagers.
An insurgent known as Iwarifa was reported to have been looking for prospective recruits for the NLFT and the recently-formed Borok National Council of Tripura (BNCT) in nearby Thaidawr and surrounding villages during last week, reports said.
Meanwhile, three non-tribal timber traders, abducted by suspected NLFT and BNCT militants on November 25 night were still in captivity in the jungles near Zopui and Thangnang villages in Bangladesh.
The abductors demanded a ransom of Rs 30 lakh for their release.


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