New Delhi: The conflict pertaining to age of Army Major General VK Singh refuses to die down. The Army’s Adjutant General (AG) branch has sought a clarification from the Ministry of Defence (MoD), over its last month’s order, on the age of the Army Chief.

The AG branch has asked for a legal explanation of the Defence Ministry’s order that decided that the birth date of Army Chief Gen VK Singh would be considered as May 10, 1950, and not May 10, 1951.

Sources confirmed that the AG branch has written a letter to the Ministry of Defence seeking clarifications. The recent letter stems from the fact that a change in the AG records of Gen VK Singh will need intervention at the highest level and cannot be altered at the level of the AG.

However, the Defence Ministry seems to be unaffected by the letter. On asking about the questions raised by the AG, Ministry sources said the department concerned will send the appropriate explanation.

On July 21, Ministry of Defence had issued the order to consider 1950 as the DoB of Army Chief General VK Singh. The Ministry had also asked the AG branch to make changes in its records.

On the request of the Army, the three retired SC Chief Justices were also consulted over the issue who supported Singh’s date of birth as May 10, 1951. Thereafter the Ministry after taking the opinion of Attorney General GE Vahanvati took the decision in this regard.