New Delhi: The weak claims by Army chief VK Singh over the date of birth row have placed him in an awkward position. Singh has made several claims in support of correction in his date of birth by producing his age certificates before the ad-hoc commission but the lack of required documents has weakened his claims in front of the Defence Ministry.

As per the documents possessed by Dainik Jagran, the name of VK Singh was mentioned in an list of officials who had got Permanent Commission. It is worth mentioning that Indian Military Academy had implemented the list on June 14, 1970.

The name of Singh as Permanent Commission Officer was also published in the Government of India Gazette notifications dated September 18, 1971.

In a letter to erstwhile Military Secretary Lt General Richard Khare on May 10 2006, Singh said, “Adjutant General's Branch assumed my Commission as ad-hoc due to lack of senior secondary certificate.”
In fact, the Army Headquarters had ordered a probe into Singh’s date of birth correction controversy after 25 years of his getting Commission in the Army.

In its reply to the Army Headquarters, Additional Director General of Recruiting under the AG Branch on 18 December 2007 presented the police verification filed on May 9, 2006 before Singh’s Commission.
As per the SP Form-44 filed after the confirmation of facts by the Rajasthan and Punjab Police, the Singh’s date of birth has been mentioned as on May 10, 1950.

Later the AG Branch reiterated the same fact in the investigation conducted by the Army Headquarters.
Contradicting Singh’s claims, the Defence Secretary Branch denied having any record of getting the date of birth corrected from May 10, 1950 to May 10, 1951 in 1985 and 2002.