New Delhi: The government has hardened its stand on the Army chief General VK Singh’s date of birth row thus weakening the possibilities of an out of court settlement between the Army and the Centre before the next hearing.   

According to sources, the government has prepared a strong legal defence for itself and informed the Prime Minister’s Office about the Defence Ministry stand. It is reported that the court has questioned the government’s step to take the opinion of Attorney General GE Vahanvati against the General.

Vahanvati had advised the government that the chief’s petition where his DoB is mentioned as 1951 was not valid following which the Defence Minister rejected General VK Singh’s appeal.

In his petition, the Army chief says the government has mistakenly rejected his requests to change its records, accepting that he was born in 1951 and not 1950.

General Singh says that several crucial documents establish that he tried at various points in his career to have his records amended to reflect the correct date of birth, but was turned down.

The government counters that he accepted several key promotions, including the one that gave him the top job in the Army, on the basis of his seniority as established by records that show he was born in 1950.

The next hearing in the case is slated for February 10.

(JPN/ Bureau)